Benefits of Buying A Home In a New Community (Part 1)

Unsure whether taking a chance on living in a brand new community like Kinbrook is right for you? Here are some important reasons why it might be the best move you'll ever make!

1. Start Fresh

With any new community comes brand new housing. Aside from that "starting fresh" feeling, a big benefit to building a new home is that everything in it - as well as the house itself - will be under warranty for some time to come. You'll likely have less maintenance and less complicated upkeep for the first few years at least.

2. Your 'Dream Home'

In a new community like Kinbrook, you have the chance to design a home that's just right for you and your family. Whether that means a custom build home on vacant land or modifying a house and land package until it's just right. Each of the builders we work with at Kinbrook can help you achieve just that!

3. The Future Is Looking Good

Building in a new community can be good for investment reasons. If you've done your research and selected a reputable development, there may be higher potential for capital growth over the long term than in an established community. Renters are attracted to new properties too and there are often tax depreciation benefits for property investors to enjoy with new builds.

4. Affordable

Affordability is a big bonus. Aside from stamp duty and other price concessions for new homes, homes built in new communities are often good value simply because the area is only beginning to be established.

Looking for more reasons? We have another 4 benefits of why you should buy a home in a new community such as Kinbrook coming next month, so stay tuned to our website.

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