Stage One Progress Update

We're pleased to advise kerb and channel works - also known as gutters - has now been placed and construction of the footpaths has now commenced.

Road works are currently underway with crushed rock now being placed between the gutters and the road, and once finished asphalt will be laid.

Once road works have concluded, electrical cables and light poles will be installed, followed by the telecommunications pipework.

English Street

While works are progressing well on Stage 1, it is important to note that the delivery of titles will be dependent upon the completion of works along English Street. That being the case, works are now well advanced, with stormwater drainage currently being installed and construction of the entry bridge well underway.

With contractors currently working on excavating the roadway, visitors to the site will be able to see the formation of English Street as it heads up to the entry to Stage 1.

We're now expecting onsite works in Stage 1 and along English Street to be completed in October/November 2017, allowing titles for Stage 1 to follow shortly after.

construction on English street
Progress on English Street
contruction of bridge at kinbrook
English Street Entry Bridge
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